Leighann Foley
Blue House Hotel and Casino Blue House Hotel and Casino
Santo Domingo
"Leighann Foley"
Nice casino that wasn't too small nor too large. Our room was very clean and comfortable and spacious enough for four adult women to move around in comfortably. The staff was kind and courteous throughout the casino except for one visit to there first floor deli, there was one young lady working the second or third shift who was ridiculously unprofessional, outright rude to the lady in front of me as well as myself, obviously? lazy beyond belief because she made it apparent she was not going to attempt to be helpful in any way shape or form. She spoke with almost no words, just the occasional grunt or head nod but when she did decide to be creative and speak she only stuck to uh-uhhs and nope. I would never visit this deli again if she was the one who was working which is a shame because the deli itself had really good desserts as well as a variety of other choices that appeared to look really good. Other than that small annoyance our visit overnight to the Blue Chip Casino and hotel was really nice and I would definitely go back anytime.