Mick Dunn
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Temperance, Michigan
"Mick Dunn"
I wouldn't waste you time. Have been a member for more years than I can remember. Have come back to the Gold Coast and expected the same friendly service you used to get! Not a chance Chelsea was the most rude person I have ever dealt with. on arrival at the club she was on the phone in reception to somebody telling them how I abused her on the phone. No I asked her why we were picked up for a 6pm bus at 7:05pm (while standing in the rain) her answer was that it is a courtesy bus so that's just how it is..... if Chelsea is the first person that greets you at the door and the last person to say goodbye there's a good chance your going to have a regrettable experience and she will be to busy cuddling the security guard and pointing fingers to even acknowledge you. I would recommend the RSL or Sharks.