Amy J. Bloomfield-Dooley
San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
"Amy J. Bloomfield-Dooley"
This is definitely A Casino that i feel offers something for everyone. If your someone who enjoys Playing slots, Bingo, Table Games, Roulette...... Whether your budget is Small or Large everyone can enjoy all they have to offer without having to spend more you want to... There huge selection of table games offer limit options to fit anyones budget without restricting anyone from getting to participate in the game (s) of their choice. I love casinos but so few are big enough to offer the same table games that no matter your spending limit theres at least one for you. Most casino's offer one table with a budget friendly limit and the entire night it's surrounded by people waiting and wanting to play and 10 other tables with limits so high most people just look and keep walking.