Vic Blair
OLG Slots Ajax Downs
Ajax, Ontario
"Vic Blair"
Great slots, great horse racing, and a great restaurant. Free (non-alcoholic) drinks, surprisingly large inside, lots and lots of slot machines to choose from. This casino actually has birthday bonuses, unlike Blue Heron, so that's nice. Free cake on your birthday! I mean, it's slots. They're all rigged so you rarely win. The place is packed full of people, including the weird people, the people who aren't locals, the people who get too drunk, the people who don't respect personal space... It's like any other casino. One bad thing: Security here is awful. Took so long for the security guard to verify that, yes, my drivers license is really me, and yep so is the student id, and yep I'm 19, really... And the guy got really mad when I shifted the way I was leaning from one leg to the other, apparently thinking that I was going to, I don't know, run away? Run into the casino? Physically attack him because it took him multiple minutes to stare at my ID? Not sure, but his rudeness was not appreciated at all!