Matt Vincent
Indian Springs Hotel & Casino Indian Springs Hotel & Casino
Indian Springs, Nevada
"Matt Vincent"
This is a very mid-level hotel/casino. While the rooms are fairly clean, it does need some updating. It's very dark and a little drab. There are some very old furniture that should definitely be replaced and some dust around the rooms that is clearly been missed. There's also a horrible stench coming from the bathroom drains indicating that they definitely need repairing. Television is not up to par however in Vegas do you really need to watch TV? The casinos on the smaller side and while clean is a little dark. Restaurant choices are decent. C+ for staff service I wasn't really "wowed" by anyone in particular and you can't get a hold of anyone at the front desk past 10 PM for any kind of question whatsoever. A good renovating would do the resort some good. Beds are on the warn side and aren't very comfortable however the sheets are new which definitely helps. When I arrived the air conditioning was set somewhere above the second level of hell, 37°C does not necessarily post for a refreshing atmosphere in the room. There was also blood on the mirrors not much but enough to know that somebody was definitely picking out a pimple and shot pus and blood all over it. Bottom line, there are lots of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas some on the higher end of the spectrum some on the lower end, the hard rock is in a bad option however from my stay of six days for business it was really a Monday and experience that I would not pay for again unless they do some updating.