Annette DeBrotherton
Rolling Hills Casino Rolling Hills Casino
Corning, California
"Annette DeBrotherton"
Nice environment, with free soft drinks, coffee and tea on the casino floor. Often provides free play incentives and has full service restaurant, bar, hotel and golf court resort accommodations that are reasonably priced. Clean environment, friendly staff that will almost bend over backwards to make you enjoy your time there. The snack bar on the casino floor is great offering large quality and diverse selections of pizza slices, 3 types of panini sandwiches, locally made fresh potato salad, normal large polish and other better quality sausages, desserts and pastries to raise one's blood sugar levels through the roof and large $2 Dreyers ice cream scoops in waffle cones, all at a fraction of what you would expect. Yes, they also have healthy selections too, and even whole fresh fruit. And that's just the snack bar...

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