Xenia Sanchez
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Sioux City Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Sioux City
Sioux City, IA
"Xenia Sanchez"
Today on 05/13/2017 around 2-3:00 p.m. my family and I go to the World tour buffet. As we get there we notice there is no one at the cash register but two ladies on the side speaking to each other that kept looking at us? We waited at least 3 minutes at the cash register, we almost even thought they were closed at the time. Then a lady confronted one of the 2 ladies speaking to each other saying "you have customers waiting." She rudely stated " I don't have a register ". Finally a cashier comes and she apologized for the long wait and had great customer service. Then the lady that stated she didn't have a register, took us to our table and I told her thank you. We didn't even get a "no problem." She turned away and went towards the kitchen. She didn't even give me the high chair I asked for. Almost ruined my entire appetite. The lady that confronted this rude person looked Asian, early 20's. Unfortunately I didn't ask for her name. But the Asian lady had a cake with her at the time. If any one with higher authority reads this and knows the Asian lady I'm speaking of, I have no doubt she'll remember this day. Not that the Asian lady was rude, no where close. The lady that was rude looked African American in her early 20's with blond and red pony tail. Please forgive me for describing these people by there ethnicity, I just didn't get there names.

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