Chad Gaffney
Cosmopolitan Casino Cosmopolitan Casino
"Chad Gaffney"
From the moment we walked in, we were pleased with the beauty that this hotel had to offer. However, in that same moment, we were hit with the smell of smoke. The smell is overwhelming on the first floor of the hotel. Also, when we were poolside, we had a lady who was chain smoking right next to us. The waitress at the pool basically stated that the pool is also a smoking area. I am not sure what other areas in the hotel allow or prohibit smoking because we chose to stay in our room or out of the hotel. Unfortunately, my friend who organized the trip for Mother's Day and her Birthday ended up with acute sinusitis. She had to start antibiotics while on the trip! We live in a time in which the consequences of smoking are common knowledge, so there is no reason that everyone should be exposed to the bad habits of others. If you have allergies, asthma, kids, breathing issues of any kind, or if you just like the idea of living a life free of second smoke do NOT stay here!