Crystal Dion
Golden Palace Waterloo
"Crystal Dion"
Iv had some pretty bad Chinese food but nothing like this. Everything was way over cooked and I mean ok things happen it is Mother's Day but it's the rice that really got me. I don't know if they ran out and used an old bag of rice they didn't wash or if this is a normal thing but it was entirely inedible. Also the beef had a weird clumpy coating and the sauce was thin so I don't know what it is that was on the beef and the mushrooms were on their last day. Then there was the batter, it was almost like it had been dipped, cooked then recooked again. It was super greasy but burnt and hard. We also got a dinner for 4 but only got 3 soy sauces and 3 fortune cookies which is not a huge deal but on top of everything else it's just the icing. Oh, and the noodles. I can not believe the noodles they were starch and mush and to boot they weren't even chowmein they were the thin spaghetti noodles called capellini noodles. I can't freakin believe it. There are so many good reviews which is most of the reason I went, so this was not at all what I expected; this experience was brutal to be honest.