Tiffany Oglesby-Rhoden
Five Star Tavern 54
Henderson, Nevada
"Tiffany Oglesby-Rhoden"
I've dined at Star Tavern several times, but yesterday's visit was disappointing. My co-workers and I called in our order to beat the wait because it was our lunch break. We arrive and our order is ready within 5 mins. Sounds good right? Our lunch came up to $45.00!!!! Well since we had received our food with time to spare, we looked and saw about 3 available tables. We politely asked since there were tables available, could we sit down and eat. We were told no. WE WERE TOLD NO! could you believe that? After spending nearly 50 bucks, we were told we couldn't even sit at their tables to eat. So we sat down anyway :-) I open up the bags to discover no utensils or salad dressing. So you were going to take my money, rush me out, and provide me with no tools or dressing to enjoy my lunch. The waiter explained to me that he didn't intend on servicing us because he wouldn't receive a tip. So I guess its safe to assume that tips trump customer service. Who says I wouldn't tip you? Why would I want to now after the service that I've received? Perhaps the company should consider a $5.00 service charge to sit in and eat after you've made a pick up order. That's a better way to earn a tip instead of refusing to serve paying customers out of fear or not receiving one. Shame on that policy and the employees who support it.