Laukik Desai
Tambo Valley Race Track Tambo Valley Race Track
Tambo, Queensland
"Laukik Desai"
Stayed in this hotel for almost a month. Though this property is co owned by Marriott, it doesn't show the Marriott standards seen worldwide. I had the following issues in particular- 1. The place feels congested and the isles are narrow. 2. The invoices produced over the month were confusing. I always had trouble providing a breakup to my employer. 3. The maintenance of the property is sub-standard. I lived with a broken kitchennett door for a month despite several complaints. The lift would be broken on several occasions. 4. On weekends the staff just forgot housekeeping my room. 5. If you call for something, be prepared to be transferred from one extension to the other . The good part is- 1. The place is very conveniently located. It's surrounded by gautrain station, a mall and near to the technology park. 2. The hotel provides complimentary pickup and drop service within a radius of 10kms. This service is very handy. 3. The breakfast is excellent! Overall I was just about satisfied. No wow moments.