Kris Bright
Sierra Sid's Casino Sierra Sid's Casino
Sparks, Nevada
"Kris Bright"
I stopped in here as I have been living in my car for a few days. The staff is very friendly and helpful and if you have never been here before they will walk you through the whole process. The shower was $13 and is required to be cash at a little kiosk. If you are expecting high class top dollar for your money, look elsewhere. However if you are looking for a hot shower with clean towels and don't need a place to stay it is actually fairly nice. After you get your ticket from the kiosk, it has your shower number and the pin code to enter on the door. The shower is private and you can lock the door while not really necessary as the door locks automatically until you decide to leave. Inside the decor is kind of plain but there is a toilet, sink, mirror, of course the shower and there is plenty of room for all your stuff if you so wish to have almost a motel_like experience and spend time doing your hair up nice and putting on cologne etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on the shower that it could get almost blistering hot very quickly. Less than a minute and it was hotter than I could stand. They have some kind of soap dispenser on the wall, not sure what kind it was but I was allowed to bring my own shampoo, conditioner, bath wash, etc. There isn't any sort of time limit and when you leave they lock the door and notify the attendant that the shower has been used and fairly quickly they go to clean it. The system also notifies the kiosk and says whether it had been used and won't allow someone to use it until it has been cleaned. There is a restaurant at TA Sparks and it is a full fledged Fuddrucker's which always has delicious burgers and other things to eat that rival most burger restaurants. I didn't go to this one in particular as I didn't really have much left after the shower but if you are willing to spend extra on a significantly more expensive meal than a McDonald's and get great fresh pick your own toppings and type of meat, Fuddrucker's has some of the best burgers in the Reno/Sparks area. Overall not too bad, everyone was very friendly and helpful and while I got lost for a second in less than a minute an employee helped me find my shower. If you are willing to wait a little bit and are headed east, there is a truck stop that didn't stop me from using their showers for free in Fernley. I think it was called The Pilot and it was about the same experience but I would recommend the food at this place more.

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