Amanda C
Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls
Black River Falls, Wisconsin
"Amanda C"
I took my mom here for Mother's Day and it started off great. Mom actually won a little bit of money and we decided to try out their buffet, and it was the worst decision we could have made. It honestly ruined the whole experience for us. First,you don't pay when you enter and they only had one person "greeting" and taking people's money as they left. Let me tell you Temporary Bage #13 was far from friendly. So that was a good first impression. It is quite expensive, but we knew it was because they served prime rib, and neither of us are big red meat eaters. We did our research on the website first, 20 foot salad bar, chicken, and desserts. We figured we could totally make a meal out of this. Well, we might have been able too but the buffet was empty of food, plates, and servers. We watched a woman who waited entirely too long to be seated, cut her own piece of meat because nobody was there to do it! We went to the salad bar first, there were no plates at half the buffet tables, the salad bar consists of mostly mayonnaise premade salads, there was no cheese stocked the entire time we were there, and their dressings are in squirt bottles. Once done with our salads, we went to go get some chicken or pasta. Well the pasta sauce, gravies, and nacho cheese were nothing but congealed messes. So I opted for the red potatoes sitting in butter. Which turned out to not even be fully cooked. After we managed to scrap a plate together we went just to check out if there was anything worth having for dessert, and to the surprise of no one, the dessert area was almost completely empty. My mom finally found someone who was working close to the buffet and told her about our concerns and by the time we were leaving our table she was finally making an effort to restock the buffet. We were greeted again by temporary bage #13, who never asked us how anything was, told us our total, took our rediculous amount of $40 and didn't even thank us. We will never be return to the casino or this restaurant. If you are looking for a fun place to go drive the extra hour or two and go somewhere else. I know I definitely will!