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May 21 '17 at 1:49

Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous Anonymous
We went there for our anniversary. We waited in a long line to get a card that you have to have in order to play games. After we got our cards we went out on the floor to find a machine and activate them. One of the cards we were given did not work. We went straight back to the front desk for help. We were rudely told to get to the back of the line or he wasn't helping us, even after I explained we already waited in a long line and just got the card. We ended up leaving. We weren't going to wait again in an even longer line than before with less staff at the service desk especially after being talked down to by that young man in a condescending tone in front of the whole crowd of people in line. Our evening was ruined over something that could have been resolved easily. I'm never going to go there again. It's a bad memory now. We probably saved a lot of money anyway. Afterwards, I tried to call and speak with management. There phone system sends you in a loop. When you try to reach an operator, it just rings and rings then finally takes you back to the beginning prompts. So, this review is also a result of not being able to speak with management or someone of authority.