Sam Saphiro
Maryland Live! Casino Maryland Live! Casino
Hanover, Maryland
"Sam Saphiro"
If you've read other reviews about this place staffed and managed by racist bigots. And im not one to throw the race card either. Well, it's true, because I suffered it myself at the hands of the so called security and the management. Detail too complicated to delve into, and besides it may warrant a lawsuit on this place. Someone needs to teach these arrogant a holes owned by a bunch of sociopathic lawyers a lesson on humility and customer service. And what else can one expect from a place situated in How White County, MD. In addition, I wouldn't advise anyone to play there. Because if the blackjack dealers from other casinos can't win there. That should tell you something. Which is why I call MD Rape you alive. Stay away from this crappy place, poor rewards, all scams, poor entertainment, rude staff,machines are all rigged and the table games.