Morgan Moreaux
Big M Casino - Little River Big M Casino - Little River
Little River, South Carolina
"Morgan Moreaux"
Many of the staff are rude, cocktail waitresses are nonexistent, drinks are not free anywhere in the casino, and when you buy one they are tiny and watered down, the games and machines don't pay. It used to be a much better experience before Big M bought out all the competition and now has the monopoly on gaming in the area. Do not waste your time or money to be treated poorly, there are so many other fun things to do in the area I recommend anything else. I'm a VIP player and come down on the weekends, not a one time visitor. I did try to voice my concerns to David the manager tonight and he would not let me complete a sentence of high let's me know he was not listening to me. I suspect if my husband had been the one to discuss the situation with him he would have let my husband speak unimpeded. I am a professional and conduct myself with patience and decorum and am not a feminist (frequently let my husband handle things but didn't want to ruin his fun tonight). David's behavior to me was condescending and dismissive. This establishment has changed and not for the better, I have given it many many chances to improve and it just gets worse. I will not be going back, nor will my husband or my family who frequently goes with me.

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