Crystal Testolin
Black Hawk Casino Black Hawk Casino
Shawnee, Oklahoma
"Crystal Testolin"
Hello, We reserved two rooms with your hotel Tuesday night. This morning luckily my husband and I left to drive back to the mountains before the power outage. However the reason we stayed was because my family was in town and after a Red Rocks concert we wanted to show them a good time at Ameristar rather than driving back up the mountain. Come to find out the power went out and my mother had to carry her luggage down 20 flights of stairs without any assistance or sympathy from the staff. Not only were they not upset and understand that things happen but the outage also prevented a shower so imagine being on vacation and having to check out with no other alternative and eventually go to the airport after not having a great morning. They also attempted to print off boarding passes which took almost an hour which a hotel should easily be able to do for their guests. When asked if there would be any compensation a staff member said "Well let me try to call excel energy center and see if they will pay for your room this isn't our fault." For the staff to be completely out of line and not empathetic to PAYING guests carrying luggage down 20 flights of stairs not being able to shower I would say you missed an opportunity to make amends for the trouble. Obviously things happen but to be rude an insulting to your guests is absolutely uncalled for. I am in the lodging industry and come from much higher standards and can relate to tough situations but am embarrassed that I suggested we stay at a property and spend money at the casino who would in the morning be rude and obviously inexperienced at handling any type of difficult situation. I suggest your staff learn to empathize with what the guest went through that morning and realize they didn't pay to carry luggage down the stairs and not shower then to have some smart ass at the front desk act like it is normal and we should get over it. I would like to see anyone in this business think it is acceptable to treat someone this way and expect to pay full BAR for no running water and no elevator. If no one wants to call me about this that is fine maybe it is just some hourly employees who do not care but 100% of sales comes from customers and the top customer satisfaction companies had stock value increase by 390% in twelve yeas vs companies who were standard and went down 7%. Customer service is too important to leave to the customer service department so if anything maybe this can help your team moving forward.