Peter O'Hanlon
Darwin, Northern Territory
"Peter O'Hanlon"
The reception staff were coldly efficient; minimum interaction even though there was no other check ins when we arrived. On the Saturday morning, I received a phone call asking why we had not checked out. As we had booked and paid for a 3 night stay (and the phone call was after 2 nights) I stated that we had a booked 3 night stay. The staff member stated that she would call the booking agent and get back to me. After 30 minutes she called back and stated that they (the hotel) had made a mistake. There was no apology for the "mistake". However, the concierge Chris, was excellent. He assisted us with the frozen fish that we needed stored and with our bags. In addition he was friendly and very helpful with local knowledge and willing to go out of his way to assist our enquiries. He is the only reason that I would rate the hotel at all. We ate dinner, on the three nights, at the different restaurants. The overall service was poor and the food "ordinary". We do not drink alcohol and therefore are "neglected" in overall service.