bret walker
Big Dog Cafe & Casino Big Dog Cafe & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"bret walker"
Great food service polite but not at all quick....we were waiting g for 2 ok there's to join us and waited for 20 minutes till we spotted them seated at another table across the dining room...Here were less than 20 could they Not literally put 2 and 2 together...a table of two older ladies waiting for two big older guys....and the table of two big older guys waiting for two older ladies....wouldn't something somewhere deep in your brain kinda go "..ding!...hey wait just a second....!?... 2 2......NAaaaaah! Couldn't be!...."... Derp! Anyway we found each other and though every encounter with the wait staff ended in a sigh, the food was excellent and they did bring my friend, who's birthday was today ,an absolutely huge brownie was delightful...all was forgiven..moderate to a bit high for comfort food price wise..I wouldn't go by myself again. ...too high for my blood ...but damn good food....the big dog chain seems to be slowly disappearing and I can guess why..though there food has always been top notch and still is...the chain is showing its age and beer more trendy place have started to leave them behind...the sports and poker bars are being eaten alive by bigger chains and....ugh the likes of Dotty's and Joanie's and those horrible places that make money hand over fist and look like the kitchen/ dining room in grandma's old Kansas doublewide ....I hate them....poor big the plus side I can get there over priced tee & sweat shirts at any thrift store in town now for like 2 to 5 bucks a!....being a dog lover that's a big deal...and if someone would like to treat me to another big dogs lunch .. I'll be there! Woof!!