Selam Asres
Fallsview Casino Resort Fallsview Casino Resort
Niagara Falls, Ontario
"Selam Asres"
Went there May 21 for bachelorette left with worst experience. Friend was hit, pushed, spat on because of a rude and racist guy who yelled out racist words to her and told her and the rest of her friends did not belong because they are black. This came unprovoked when my friend was leaving the club to go out for a smoke. She was at the time alone and he proceeded to hit her and pull her hair and spit on her. The bouncer and cop only came and reminded my friend not to "talk so loud" and that she was "making a scene". The guy was only escorted out of the club to only return and hop the fence to again spit and hit my friend reminding her she wasn't welcome at the club because of her race. It was thanks to a random guy that helped my friend that something was done to stop this crazy guy. The cop and bouncer got upset with my friend for crying and that she needed to keep it down. We only came to have a good time and when needed the help from bouncers and cops from this rude guy, no one willing to really help but just want to keep the noise down. Been in Canada nearly my whole life and first time I felt like I really didn't belong because of my colour. And when we went to get help we we're told we we're being loud and to keep it down. We left feeling helpless and scared. The rest? of the night was ruined out of fear as we did not come to feel scared and punished for being black, we came to celebrate a bride to be. Other ppl were trying to tell cops and bouncers what happened but they wouldn't listen and just said the guy was gone but yet he was able to come back in. If you are there to help when something serious happens pls do your job and listen to someone when they tell u something is wrong. Not everyone is out to be loud and upset for no reason but actually need help when something serious happens. This has completely shaken my friend and the rest of the group. Please remind your staff of their job to help. More should have been done about that guy as he completely harassed and assaulted both verbally and physically someone based on hate. We will never return to this club and sincerely hope you inquire into this to find out what should have been done in order to better handle future situations.