Scarlett Rowbury
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"Scarlett Rowbury"
Read reviews of here and Circus Circus (had higher resort fees) before booking. I was looking for a reasonable place to stay for the night since we were here unexpectedly waiting to fly out the next day. Booked for $47 on a Saturday night, total was ~$72 after fees. The lady at check-in was very nice and welcoming, I expected grumpy and stern considering how many people she must be dealing with all day. The room was not where I expected (the big tower) it was in a second 2-story building detached from the tower. Much more run-down and a bit dingy and smelly. Why the 4 star review? Well, it was decently clean (as one would expect), the bathroom was nice, the room was nice. It's mostly the carpets that are obscenely gross and smelly. It's an expense for sure, but if they'd replace all the carpet, maybe with a cheaper alternative flooring, the place wouldn't smell so much or seem so run down. The room was very dark and had a dim lamp to light. But again, most people who stay here are just looking for a decent place to sleep (like us) and won't be spending their time in the room.