Ron Williams
Monte Carlo Casino - Tallinn Monte Carlo Casino - Tallinn
"Ron Williams"
Nice decor, not much going inside, very small. Low stakes and only a few tables (maybe 30 euros to play blackjack) and digital slots (10 cents to 1 euro mostly) with a few video playing card machines that you can bet higher at. Looks like any serious gambling is reserved for members in the back. Need ID to enter and not for casual dressed after 6pm (no tennis shoes/sneakers). 18 and over after 6pm. Not sure how they are profitable given their penchant for refusing higher stake gambling to foreigners/visitors. Overall the most boring casino I've ever been too, though great decor and well maintained. I could not play the 2 euro slots without a loyalty card that I had no idea how to obtain. In general I'd skip unless you are into exotic cars which plenty are parked outside. It's unfortunate, this could be a great casino with a little more awareness that good money comes in all dress codes and passports.