Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily
Fryeburg Fairgrounds Fryeburg Fairgrounds
Fryeburg, Maine
"Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily"
The fair grounds are beautiful, the vendors local and super talented. My only complaint is how I was treated as a speaker. I wasn't even provided a table/podium nor chairs for anyone to sit on while I spoke. The organizers had zero respect for the presenters unless you were considered "A list". I would never agree to speak there again. I was dumbfounded when I saw the set-up for speakers. I was told two days prior to the fair that were would be no projector/ability to do a Power Point presentation (although they DO have the capability for that), instead I was told to 'bring lots of props'. However, without a table, where exactly were my props supposed to go - on two folding chairs pushed together like the speaker scheduled before me did? I mean, really???? The fans who showed up to hear me speak were clearly embarrassed for me. And despite being promised a table to sit at and sign books after my presentation, that was nonexistent also. F- to the fair organizers. They really did a disservice to those of us who traveled on our own time, paid for our own lodging, etc. to speak. And who had helped promote the fair leading up to that weekend.