Joyce Buchholz
Old Style Saloon 10 Old Style Saloon 10
Deadwood, South Dakota
"Joyce Buchholz"
eight of us(4 couple) had lunch on Sun 5/21 at the Deadwood Social Club. The service was less than acceptable. Meals were served at 3 different times, (kitchen problem) We were NEVER asked if we wanted more beverages or dessert or wanted anything else.(add on's mean $$) When serving and removing plates, the server reached clear across the table with arms and arm pit in one guests face. Server then added 18% TWICE to each ticket, that's a total of 36% tip. When questioned about it she tried to convince everyone that it wasn't added twice and became disgusted that we caught her little game. Finally got a refund, without a new Credit card print out. And NO there was no apology, no thank you, no come again. Unfortunately none of us will be returning. Does any owner / manager do any training for servers????

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