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May 22 '17 at 23:13

Liz Franco

Liz Franco
Bunch of rip offs!! Extremely poor management! On my visit to Vegas we did a club crawl celebrating my friends birthday. Our club crawl included a stop to Larry Flynts Hustler Club. As we arrived I was approached by Kyle (dancer) if I wanted him to take the birthday girl to the stage and get danced on. He mentioned there is a $60 charge as I agreed I made sure with him that they were going to take her up stage before our party bus arrived to pick us up. He agreed and promised she will be taken up stage before our party bus arrived. As the time passed we noticed time was getting closer for our party bus to arrived. I went to ask Kyle if she was close to being called he said yes. Another 30 minutes passed and i had an hour left for our party bus to arrived. Something I hate to do, but again, I went up to Kyle and asked if she will be called soon but this time he said I was getting annoying and that yes she is going to get called. Thats when I started getting upset because not only did he call me annoying but because time was getting close for us to leave. It was 20 minutes before our party bus arrived when I asked to speak to management because I was promised something in which apparently they did not stick to their word. The manager asked what was going on and I explained the situation to him. First thing he pointed was at a sign where it said "NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES FOR STAGE DANCES" and that there is a waiting list in which I have to wait until shes called. I replied with if I would of been told there was a waiting list I would though about it twice and it would of been up to me if to risk it or not. He asked which dancer promised me she will go up? I said Kyle and he called him to come where we were standing. Manager explained the situation to Kyle and the best that they could offer me was for Kyle to dance on her right there where we were standing. I would of taken the "offer" if I had time but our party bus was literally outside waiting for us to leave. I unfortunately did not take the "offer", my friend was not taken to stage, and I wasted $60 for nothing. Please do not waste your money or time at this piece of garbage place. Only reason they are getting a 1 star is because the only nice gentlemen that seemed concerned for us and wanted to help was a dancer named George. Other than George being amazing i would of definitely gave this place 0 stars.