Catherine Chargualaf
Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel - Nogales Highway Desert Diamond Casino & Hotel - Nogales Highway
Tucson, Arizona
"Catherine Chargualaf"
Went here today with Nephew and Brother-In-Law 04/02/17 For a weekend Sunday it was Crowded ?? It's like 10 minutes away from where we live. First time going here. We took the Valet Service because it was Free so we pulled right up to the front of the Casino Area. Once inside you get to pick any machines you want to play on so many to choose from just walk around and get comfortable. Service for Sodas and Water are available free all Alcoholic Beverages you must pay for there is a Buffet Lounge Area. There is an ATM inside available. Lots Of LUCK to All and Enjoy ?? Yourself..WIN BIG! ??