Barry Stang
Southland Park Southland Park
West Memphis, Arkansas
"Barry Stang"
My daughter fell on the rough Terrain a few months back and the security try to manipulate the situation into their favor and seem to have the local EMT in their pocket really treated awful treated like criminals. I suggest you bring your cameras and Witnesses in case something does happen here you cannot trust these people. Been there a few times this seems to be a monopoly for money they pay you out at certain times and suck up most of the time. Customer service is nice and less you make complaint as I did over a year ago when making the complaint they got my phone number after calling and I was spoofed by the lady at the customer service tried to call to complain kept getting the same woman. Had hundreds of calls from people all over the country didn't even know. Customer service or scandalous cannot trust this place. I like to relax and playing the penny machines helps me do that. I'm not really a heavy gambler and I do not get around real well I had multiple disc herniation and it's not often I get out.