Angelica Barahona
Turlock Poker Room
Turlock, California
"Angelica Barahona"
I attended an event here over the weekend and was so impressed with the amount of service and attention to detail that I received from Mario. The company had a Hang out area, Room for Storage of two 6 feet tables, area for decoration, security of those items on table, 45 min tutorial for beginner poker players, Mario hosted the poker tournament with 2-3 poker tables dedicated to our company, he did round the clock emceeing. Mario made the event fun for everyone to call out the best plays. He kept track of the bountys, best hand, and bad beat, as well as all the people who made it to the final table and their ranking. Clean Up and Staff were also included. We didnt have to get up for drinks. Everything was taken care of. I really appreciate the hospitality that was sown by Mario and his staff.