Jamie Bates
Sportsman's Royal Manor Sportsman's Royal Manor
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jamie Bates"
Strong smell of urine in the court yard,which seems too serve as the dump too. dirty. roaches and mosquitos immediately upon entering. Old big butt tv.no linens. Springy old bed and broken box spring. Broken end tables for a coffee table. The brightest light in the room was the refrigerator light. I mean u cant see well enough to clean ur room or dishes. Old messed up dirty carpet. Furniture and chairs looj like they were found in a dumpster ten years ago. Gangster music fills the court yard as the tenants blast their music right out the front door. An abundance of unattended pit bulls and their feces on the ground. This "crack castle" is not the one. Absolutely not one good thing about this place!