Joel LaJuett
Hawker Racecourse
Hawker, South Australia
"Joel LaJuett"
A great central NY dirt track. New owners Bill & Kim Shea are TOP NOTCH !! In last 2 years they have taken this track from "just being open" to a multinational facility" that includes more than just regular Sunday Night races. 2017 brings high dollar races that attract teams from all over the North East & Canada, Frog Fest, and this year's addition of moto-cross and possible future plans of GoCart race course on site, the sky is the limit ! Teams coming from out of the region frequently set camper in parking lot night before and are onsite for racecar (please contact track before setting camp). Last of all at the main entrance the the track sets a Bar that the Shea's now operate, so stop in for a drink before the race or just anytime !!