Theraesa Lamoreaux
Fort Hall Casino
Fort Hall, Idaho
"Theraesa Lamoreaux"
Went with my sister and we usually get a few dollars in gambling credit. They told me I had my normal monthly credit but my sister did not and when we asked why she wouldn't have hers the lady was not so polite and stated that they aren't going to give money to people who don't spend money there. The only problem with that was that my sister frequents the place more then I do so that didn't make sense and she kinda was not being so nice about the situation when we were trying to explain that to her. This is not the first time this has happened to my sister. Also for friend referals they decide how much they want to give you for that, seeing that in the same day I recieved twice the amount for the same thing that my sister did. Not sure I will be returning or refering my friends anymore.