Pete Danno
Resorts Casino Hotel Resorts Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey
"Pete Danno"
Let me start by saying never in my life have I left a negative review of a place ever! I arrived at 8:45pm to a place that closes at 9pm. I was hesitantly told by the hostess (who was having a leasuirly conversation with one of the cooks at the hostess stand.... ) We are only doing take out orders. I would of possibly excepted that if that was the end of my awful experience. We needed to sit at a table and place an order for take out with a waiter. Once we sat down we realize there where people still in there eating. Within 30 seconds 4 clearly annoyed employers had asked if we knew it was take out only to our waiter. That was it! I can't believe that I was paying to stay at this hotel and was treated like an inconvenience.