Patrick Olshin
Royal Caribbean International - Freedom of the Seas Royal Caribbean International - Freedom of the Seas
Miami, Florida
"Patrick Olshin"
We opened a Royal Card. Visa card 5 years ago and started using the card for EVERYTHING with the idea of a FREE cruise at the end of the tunnel. We saved over 133,000 points, which you need to spend that much to get because they give you 1 point for every dollar you spend. We finally had enough for the "FREE" cruise which costs 125,000 points. I called RC and told them my situation they told me to book and call back they cover up to $2500 off the cruise not including taxes and fees. Sounds great. We booked the cruise for me my wife and my 3rd old (kids 3 years old sail free except taxes and fees) costing 2737.84. Taxes and fees for the 3 of us was 327.84. So we were expecting them to cover the $2410 which is the amount after you subtract the taxes and fees from the total of 2737.84. $2410 was the cost for me and my wife to sail and my child sales free because kids under 12 sail free. After booking I called to get the redemption, and they told me now they will only cover 1500! So I now have to pay $1200 for the free cruise. They told me to leave my kid home (who sails free) and they will cover the full $2500. I will NEVER use the card again, What a scam. We cancelled our trip , because of the lies told to us by RC in which I called before booking and was told totally different information. My wife and I are so disappointed with this company, and are in shock by the fact that they would treat a loyal customer and credit card holder like this.