Alan Ruelas
Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Alan Ruelas"
Circus Circus is a fine place to stay if 1. are on a tight budget and 2. do not care about the quality of the hotel. This hotel is conveniently located next to The Strip. I happen to stay at Circus Circus on Memorial Day weekend and it was overly packed to the point were my family and I had to wait 20 minutes just to get on a elevator. With a hotel this well known, the staff should have anticipated this problem before hand. As we went up to the rooms we noticed that almost everything was dated and boring. The wallpaper that was attached to the hallways were either ripped or falling off and it made the environment seem everything but "fun." The room where actually good and the house keeping as well! The pool was overloaded with kids and the solution Circus Circus presented was to this charge 10 dollars extra to attend an excluded pool. This pool was guarded by security. This has to be one of the biggest problems in the whole hotel. Also, they have so much parking it became overwhelming. The problem is not finding a spot to park, it is navigating and locating the area in which is convenient for your room. The actual slot machines had bad feed back from many of my family members and named them "depressing!" We had to get out and find Casino full of life and modern energy. Then, I noticed that as I walked around the building there was very little security or security cameras. This was a major safety concern! In all, this hotel, Circus Circus, only provided a pleasant room and a short walk to the Strip. I nothing against this place; it just needs a major renovation and reorganization!