Michael Jacobs
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Miami, Florida
"Michael Jacobs"
One of the worst experiences ever. We booked what was to be an amazing 30th anniversary trip . The main reason we picked this iteniary was to go to Monte Carlo and Nice. We arrived in Barcelona the day before the cruise was to start. At 1100 the night before we get an e mail saying the ship has a computer problem and we will not be leaving for two more days. Missing the two ports we wanted to see. We are instructed to go to pier and it will all be sorted. We are told we can stay in my current hotel , after quite a bit of discussion. We are put in a cab and told we spoke to hotel , everything is handled. We get to hotel and no one from Celebrity had ever talked to them. So we had to lay out for two more hotel nights. For this inconvenience I am being given ship board credit and if I don't spend it, I will be refunded. We were told Celebrity would arrange free excursions while we here in Barcelona. Once again an e mail shows up at 1100 at night with a phone number to call. I tried for 2 solid hours to dial the number, constantly busy. I then found out it is a non operating number. I'm not convinced we will get on the ship tomorrow as it is still sitting off the coast with limited manauverability. To say the least be careful where you spend your money. Celebrity took mine, but when a problem arose, they were no where to be found.