Wayne Family
PT's Pub - East Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Wayne Family"
We have eaten in there before, all was ok. Not great service, but what you would expect from a pub. Today was a new and ridiculous experience. People at work wanted breakfast and someone suggested PT's, it's so close and better than fast food. I called in 4 breakfast orders. They said 15-20 minutes. I arrived 25 minutes later, the bartender said they were working on it, give them another 5 minutes. 10 minutes later he asked if I wanted a drink? Kind, yes, but NO, I want my food! another 10 minutes passes, I ask about the food. He said there is only one cook??? (I was the ONLY person in the place). He went back to check, and the other bartender said he's a new cook..."my restaurant manager is back there helping, and that never happens, so I know that he's having trouble." Within a couple more minutes, they brought the bags, set them next to me and mumbled "sorry it took so long" as he walked away... I am a business owner, and we all have employee issues from time to time, but an apology would have gone a long way. I had already paid, so I wouldn't expect a refund or discount, but maybe an invitation to come back at a discount or a free meal since it took 50 minutes to make 4 breakfasts?? Never again to go!