Sandy Lewis
Isle of Capri Casino - Lula Isle of Capri Casino - Lula
Lula, Mississippi
"Sandy Lewis"
While I had fun and enjoyed myself, everything is just too expensive! $23.99 for a single buffet. The food was good, but not that good. Also, the slot machines weren't paying out well at all. We gambled from 3:30-8:00 p.m., with the biggest pot I hit being $50! Too, by the time I had already lost almost $200, my players club card had only racked up enough points to credit me a dollar! Wow, at that rate, it would take me a year to comp a free buffet! This place definitely needs to be renovated also. It is nothing like it was when it first opened. Several of the slot machines had buttons,lights, knobs, etc which didn't work. The hotel room is comfortable but almost has a body odor stench when you first walk through the door that seems to disapate as you are in the room.