Erik Van Hofwegen, II
Lucky Star Casino - Concho Lucky Star Casino - Concho
Concho, Oklahoma
"Erik Van Hofwegen, II"
Never lost more in my life. Than over the last 2 months I've been coming here. Most nights it is absolutely obvious they're paying the smallest percentage they can. 9.7 out of 10 times you put $20 in a machine you will not see it reach $23. The staff is really nice with the exception of one really attractive young lady in some sort of a management position who just tonight scowled and told the employee standing next to her that she hated me when she saw me walk into the high-roller room. I guess maybe she thought I could not hear her or maybe she just didn't care. Either way it's whatever. The place is worth a look if you just like handing over your money without the slightest possibility of winning. Oh and there is one other employee that is a real peach a 60-something guard some kind of condition that requires him to wear a stocking sock type cap on his head. Once I was calling out sir sir to get his attention cuz I needed his assistance and he turned and screamed what right in my face with utter disgust LOL. However if you do decide to go play the vgt machines because they're the absolute only chance you have the only thing that they pay any jackpots on. Bus tonight that I tried to play the vgt machines I'm not kidding a bit I put $160 and four different machines before i was paid one single payline. So that's that on Lucky Star there's your heads up you better be lucky.