Anthony Eaton
Boomtown Biloxi Casino Boomtown Biloxi Casino
Biloxi, Mississippi
"Anthony Eaton"
After coming home to visit, I decided to bring my siblings out to Boomtown. We arrived about 20 minutes before the end of lunch. I asked the hostess if we would be allowed to remain and continue to eat throughout dinner. She said, Yes. After getting our dinner plates, Josh Troutman, security, I think, and a manager (I also think) approached our table and said that if we wanted to continue to eat that we would have to pay the dinner price. I explained to them what the hostess had stated. Josh asked to see my receipt, and he and the other worker went to the back. They returned, informing my siblings and me that I could get dessert but they would have to take our plates. What??!!! I couldn't believe this. Remaining calm, I reiterated to them what the hostess had shared with us (the fact that we could stay and continue to dine). I told him how disappointed I was with the customer service. He was adamant; he refused to allow us to stay. He said they were going to take our plates. Even if he had allowed us to finish what we had already gotten ( what was on our plates), I would have felt better. I hadn't EVER had this kind of experience. If the worker who was with security is a manager, he is a very poor one and has extremely poor customer service skills. Though the food was delectable, the overall experience, mainly because of the worker's inconsiderateness and refusal to make ANY REASONABLE compromise, was unsatisfactory. I'm hopeful to receive an apology from the management plus a full refund!