Andrea J
Princess Tower Casino Princess Tower Casino
Punta Cana
"Andrea J"
STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. Waste of money!!! Pictures online look amazing, place itself is worn down. Highlights of the place are the actual beach/ocean, the resort's vegetation is kept very nice where you can see it (don't look behind the buildings), and the staff / room service / maids are all super friendly. Management of the place is non-responsive, takes no accountability, no sense of urgency and blames their downfalls on their customers/guests. Do yourself a BIG FAVOR and stay away from this place. You can find amazing beaches and better accommodations elsewhere. Food and drinks are bad/watered down, rooms are not up to par, and it needs an overhaul. But most of all: it needs better management. HORRIBLE vacation at the Princess All Suites Resort & Spa (Adults Only) in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Our family of four along with 9 other family members stayed in 7 rooms total at the Punta Cana Princess All Suites Resort & Spa (Adults Only) from Saturday May 20 thru Saturday May 27, 2017. ISSUES: Issues of other travelling family members at the time of our stay. We did not even report all of them as it got tiresome to do so. Our children had to move the room 3 TIMES because of flying ants (termite nests in the walls - photos taken, fumigation, dead ants & wings all over the room, next room no AC, took hours for "fixing" which never happened so having to move to third room, smelled like mildew/mold, bathroom flooded, all 4 young adult children were forced to camp with other family members, take showers in other rooms, live out of their suitcases, etc.) Roaches in the room (rooms #1105 and #5114) Room was filthy at arrival, had to change room (room #115) After check in the key did not work and the room service opened the newly assigned room, it was still occupied by other guests (room #1103) Room key stopped working over, and over, and over again, required to walk back and forth to the front desk multiple times (room #5114) Mildew/mold odor (rooms #1105, #4104, #4108, #4008) Luggage took 3 hours to be delivered to the room after check in Phones not working (rooms #4216 and #4109) “Rain Forest shower head” practically useless, only partial water dispersal (room #4216) Toilet tissue holder fell apart (room #4216) TV picture snowy until fixed days later (room #4216) Hand shower holder on the wall lose (room #4216) Power went off several times (room #4008) Ceiling fan did not work (room #4104) No hot water (room #5110) Highway rest stops have better food than their “5-star cuisine” The food in the Tex-Mex Steak house is anything but Tex-Mex or steak The drinks are a joke, clearly all their liquor is diluted with (sugar)water Prostitution services were offered in the “Disco” on the neighboring resort (be aware that the same applies to the “Legacy” night club in the other close by “casino”). If you want casino, visit the Hard Rock Cafe Casino – as a matter of fact, just book your whole stay there as it looks AMAZING. And finally: Bed bugs – bed bugs – bed bugs, we actually took pictures of them, not just assumed they had them by our legs being covered with COUNTLESS bites!! Side note to the management who may respond to this review: Please spare me any useless response. We needed your assistance while we were there. Too little, too late.