Zachary Reid
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"Zachary Reid"
For being a 5 star hotel I feel like i was lied to. I've stayed here on 2 separate occasions and had issues both times with the second being the worst. The rooms are nice and clean but that's where it ends. I had purchased several hundred dollars worth of show tickets for my group through the concierge service. I was reassured several times that this would be a smooth and super convenient move by the Wynn staff. Exactly wrong. They lost the tickets so I had to run around Vegas to go pick them up last minute and even then there was concern that I would be charged an additional service fee for picking them up at the box offices. Every time I go here it's like there is a new issue. Realistically this hotel should be rated 3 stars. There are a lot of factors that should make up a 5 star hotel and the Wynn does not deliver. Do your research and also do yourself a favor and find a different hotel!