Bruce Wayne
Sportsman's Royal Manor Sportsman's Royal Manor
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Bruce Wayne"
This place is high and mighty with low services just like the torn kingdom it's built like!!! Roaches is all im gone say oh and top flight security that act's like someones gonna rob The place for the roaches maybe!!! Best thing about this place is the Gas Station clerks and the food restaurant in the Gas Station that's never open!!! litteraly though those clerks are cool as hell!!! Oh and when you tell them about the roaches they put you on a list to spray maybe more raid or something I think it's roach steroids because after they supposedly sprayed I started seeing more i left no food out ate take out took the trash out and left everything else in the fridge!!! Had to eat take out cause the stove didn't work because it was a breaker problem!!! Shouldn't they have checked that prior???