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May 30 '17 at 13:09

Cam Drexle

Cam Drexle
I Was struggling to make ends meet. This was the only place I could afford. It was heaven, but it wasn't bad either. The location kind of stinks, loud, and not the best part of town, but what it lacked in lcation it made up in service and amenities. You can't beat free utilities, phones, and cable. Rooms were pretty comfy. Not the cleanest, but they did the job just fine. If you're in need of a cheap place to stay that will treat you right, stay at Sportsmans. I did, for over a year! I wanted to update my review since I last wrote over a year ago. Things have been pretty good. They have gotten rid of the smell, lol and have had a turnover in managers which has helped the property a ton. They kicked me out of my room.....because they remodeled it!