any bite
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"any bite"
I ordered a mushroom and tofu bao while my dad ordered a short rib rice. The decorations over all looks fine, they kept the tables and chairs very clean. I think the bao tastes pretty good. But when I tasted my dad's salad, I was disgusted by it. Too much vinegar. And the sauce they put on the short ribs ruins all its flavors. And later, when we took something to go for my mom, the sauce for the dumplings are super sour. We waited for a long time. Very long. Thanks to the ice water, TV and WiFi. Makes me a good mood. The price was very acceptable, inexpensive I personally think this is a fine meal. My mom really liked it, while my dad doesn't. The server is a nice lady, which I don't wanna say any negative reviews to hurt her. Wouldn't recommend to people who wants real Chinese food. But it's quite a nice resturant to go when you are not busy. P.s I think the server is the owner