Bonnie Aronson
Treasure Island Resort & Casino Treasure Island Resort & Casino
Welch, Minnesota
"Bonnie Aronson"
Made my first visit to Treasure Island last night for the Willie Nelson concert. The only thing good about it was the concert. We arrived a couple hours before the concert, thinking we would eat at the buffet first. By the time we got parked and walked across the field and paved lot...and found a bathroom, we didn't think there would be enough time for the buffet. We went into the concert area and stood in line for a $9 double cheeseburger and $4 water. My husband offered to buy me a concert t-shirt, but when I saw they were charging $60 for a ladies tank top, I quickly walked away. The $8 beers were warm. The lines for the porta potties were a block long, which was just poor planning on the part of the casino. The seats at the concert were so close together that you couldn't help rubbing shoulders with your neighbor. The joke going around was that it was worse than an airplane. So, the concert started at 7:00, and Willie didn't even take the stage until 10:00! If we would have known that, we could have gone to the buffet. Then it came time to leave. We had a difficult time finding our vehicle. It was just a huge field, not marked off by sections or rows. Would it be that difficult to put some markers up? Leaving took a long time. There were very few drivers who practiced the courtesy of letting someone into the road out. Maybe there should be more people in that huge field directing traffic. I, and my family, will not be returning to TI in the future. Oh yes, they also ran out of food and soda in the concert area before Willie even took the stage. We were told they hadn't anticipated so many people. How could they not know how many tickets they sold!