Stacie Israel
MS Bahamas Celebration
Riviera Beach, Florida
"Stacie Israel"
Booked this cruise 3 months ago. I was told I would be getting an oceanview handicap room because my mother is in a wheelchair which is what I paid for also paid for a handicap room at the hotel we were staying at on the island. I spoke with someone 3 weeks before my cruise and told me I was receiving something else. I spoke with the supervisor who was supposed to email the ship so they can install a bench in our room so my mother can shower but was never done also it was my dad's birthday and was supposed to receive a cake for him. Cut to a day before the cruise because they sent me a confirmation with something different on it so I called again. I was told I was not getting a handicap room anymore and there was nothing they can do because the cruise was booked. So I called again on the day of the cruise explaining the situation and was told by Maria, the customer service supervisor, that this situation wasn't bad and I was ruining my own vacation and I was making this up but I had to endure this because I would lose my $1600 I paid. SO.. I went. When I got to the ship I endured the inside cabin which was not what I wanted and had to have my family suffer because this cruise line was insensitive to the handicap. When we got to the island, I was told by the TAXI DRIVER that the hotel closed down last October (which would have been nice if the cruise line told me). If I had known I wouldn't have booked this in the first place. Got to the hotel, which was not handicap friendly either, which they were supposed to take care of and again had to suffer through it. I work hard for my money and wanted to take my family on a nice vacation but this cruise line ruined it!! I have been trying to get a hold of a supervisor for the last week but they are either on the phone or not in and wont call me back. Whenever I try to get to someone they hang up on me, I write this to warn you DO NOT go on this cruise!!! It is not worth it... Save your money and go elsewhere.