Paul Orosco
Fremont Hotel & Casino Fremont Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Paul Orosco"
I recently visited Fremont Hotel and Casino on, of course, the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas. The casino is a no frills venue which features your typical plethora of table games at low to medium stakes. Drinks are free if you're gambling and reasonable to low priced if you're not gambling. I don't play slots so I have no opinion on them but I imagine they're your typical money gobblers. The casino staff are exactly what'd you expect at a budget casino. The dealers at the tables are mostly break-in (fresh out of dealing school). Their skills are proficient but shaky in some areas. If you're not at a table with a break-in dealer you're probably going to have a hardened veteran dealer who is probably wishing you'd just leave. Some of the cocktail waitresses looked hardened from years of putting up with drunk gamblers who are too cheap to tip a dollar for a free drink (so toss them an extra $1 if you have it) and the other cocktail waitresses are attractive and have yet to start down the road to being hardened and jaded. There are some diamonds in the rough working at the Fremont who let their humanity poke through through their unemotional exterior and please you with a smile when you treat them with respect that humans deserve. Francisco working at the back bar is one such man. Overall I would say go to the Fremont and enjoy yourself but just don't expect to be overwhelmed with great service in a great environment.