Marlene Corpus
Quechan Casino Resort Quechan Casino Resort
Winterhaven, California
"Marlene Corpus"
I honestly can't say that I've got another experience as bad as the one me and my family have endured during our stay here! We drove 12 hours from Monterey California just to get here and the moment we arrived we were on welcomed and treated poorly. When making a reservation, I told them there were four adults and two small children, they gladly excepted the reservation over the phone. When we tried to go to the pool we were stopped at the door and told only four could enter at one time. I asked to speak with a manager and I was told I was talking to her and it doesn't matter how I feel there was nothing she was going to do to change their policy. Her tone and demeanor was perceived so negatively, and even hostile by my family. We asked several times if we could speak to someone and explained our situation about the drive and that we are very tired and not used to this high temperature weather, and that we would really enjoy using the pool; but yet again, we were very negatively told that she's not budging. As a result, we had to purchase a second room for them to give us pool passes for the six of us to go to the pool at the same time. The following morning we went to pick up our pool passes and spoke to several people and were told they could not believe the way we were treated. Many people said they've never heard of the things were saying and it doesn't exist and this policy doesn't exist. I really don't know why we been treated so poorly! We are very nice and kind people and never raised her voice with the staff, never was rude, and we're all professional people. We were also told by those same people that advised us about the pool policy is not existing, that there's many times that the staff will close the pool to all hotel guests and call it a VIP day where it's just staff and members of their family but there's no notice on the website of this pool closure or consideration given to the hotel gas. I'm just shocked that we been treated this way and virtually no compassion or sympathy has been given to our situation whatsoever , not even the simple change of tone and demeanor by the supervisor on the floor. To end this review, we've decided to check out and stay elsewhere. We will never and I mean never return to this hotel again. I feel that we were discriminated on for many reasons.... even down to the supervisor and her three employees whispering up at the front counter as we would walk by and giving us very dirty looks, completely unacceptable treatment for a hotel guests!