James Steving
Poker Palace Casino Poker Palace Casino
La Place, Louisiana
"James Steving"
SECURITY GUARD A WACK JOB......okay, let's back up.... First, it's a great local casino... Been there countless times, enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. Fast forward... No wait, I must tell you I am a long haul trucker... Yes, big parking lot and NEVER had a problem parking there, well... Now lets fast forward... Stopped in, parked my truck near the fence out of everyone's way, went in gambled a bit, lost...out of hours I went back to snooze a bit.... Getting ready to go back in try to win it back...a LOUD knock on my door... Well this big black security officer was ballistic over my being there... Told me to get the F out, this is no truck stop...you been here my whole shift... In the casino 45 minutes and then in your truck...leave now. Well, this racist moron just proved to me that uneducated sub humans that carry chips on their shoulders don't deserve another moment of my time....therefore my review ends now