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May 29 '17 at 18:33


My wife and I used to enjoy shopping at this store: the wine selection is quite extensive, and the prices are good. That was until last week, when I made the mistake of asking one of the employees for his opinion about a bottle of wine I had chosen. The little man, whose name was Ralph, proceeded to make a number of snide and presumptuous remarks about my taste, experience and budget regarding wine. My wife and I left the store feeling totally insulted by the little twit, so much so, that we decided to go back and speak to the store manager about his behavior. Bad idea: the manager, named Byron, offered nothing but a hollow "I an sorry" and made it clear to us that he had no intention of redressing our complaint, even though Ralph was present at the store. When I insisted that an apology was owed to us, Byron did bring Ralph over, but, predictably, the little weasel denied ever having said anything offensive to us. Seeing that the whole discussion disintegrated into the playground mode: "You did so!" "Did not!" "Did too!" (with Byron watching from the sidelines like a casual bystander), we decided to cut our losses and let Google Review take care of what clearly should have been the store manager's job.